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    Post Microsoft E3 Conference

    Anyone else think that Microsoft dropped the ball this E3 again?
    I felt like I was sitting through an hour and a half of boring. Crappy presentations, recycled footage, boring presenters, boring gameplaying. It had some good games, but they weren't all presented wonderfully.

    Bad bits:
    Playing rock band. Peter Moore paused it accidentally a couple of times, and it wasn't as exciting as it should have been.
    All the developers fumbling their words.
    We don't get included in the Media rollout (not bundled with Europe).
    Assassins Creed, while it looks cool and I'll probably get it when its out, glitched up a few times with animations/clipping etc.
    Scene it! Perhaps the crappest announcement ever. Sorry Greg Bell, you sounded excited about it.

    Funny bits:
    Wassname, the guy, got owned in American Football.

    Overall I just reckon it lacked any impact, there weren't any cool announcements, etc. The Halo trailer was well put together but didn't have punch for the end of the conference.

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    Microsoft never seems to have things in order. I have yet to say that one of their business conferences has been plesant or informative. Personally, the only reason I go is to get the free betas/release candidates.
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    Dont forget the free grub and swag at their shows. Its like going to a linux fest of one sort or another. Except only one vendor gives you 445 pens, 20 tshirts, and 10 beer cozy's.

    The info has always been useless. Unless you pry a phone number out of one of the babes hands If I wasn;t getting paid to do it already, I would never have shown. Food is fine, but not that great. Swag is swag. Nothing that special. At least not since 1998 or whatnot with Win98's release. I got unrestricted 98 upgrade cd's Trial MS-SQL server editions were not useful in any way. Refused to run in a virtualized environment ...

    But eh. At least I didn't pay for any of it

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