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Thread: hello, i am Puma new

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    Smile hello, i am Puma new


    I just realized that I didn't introduce myself yet which I want to do now. (Don't ask me why, I think I have to much free time)

    I'm derari, 20 years old and I live in Berlin, Germany. I am studying IT-Systems Engineering in Potsdam.
    I like programming (specially games ), that's why I really love my u10 (even though flash lite 1.1 is the dumbest programming language I ever saw^^). Therefore you will often find me in the flash lite section, looking for help for a new game I am making.
    My other hobbys are playing computer games (mostly RPGs), sleeping and kendo.

    Have a nice day,

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    Welcome, and great introduction! I"m sure I speak for others when I say I'd love to see some FL stuff.
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    Got links to any of your games you have written?


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