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Thread: sound and internet

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    sound and internet

    Hello, it seems that my computer cannot find my sound card today or connect to the internet! Yesterday it worked like a charm. Booted it up tonite and no sound and no connection to the internet, weird! I'm using windoze, dual o/s on comp.
    Tried using harddrake to configure sound card or detect network cards comes back no such hardware!!!!!!!!!!
    And no, nothing has been touched on the comp.
    Running mk8.1 and suggestions! thanks

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    Re: sound and internet

    what kind of sound card? also - if you have sndconfig try running it in a terminal.

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    Re: sound and internet

    In addition to that, let us know what network card it is.

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    Re: sound and internet

    Did you remember to put the configurations in your startup script?

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    Re: sound and internet

    Or that your BIOS is set to auto assign resources?? That will make your BIOS assigning different IRQ/IO whenever you reboot .... ( but that doesn't happen usually unless your computer was shaken hard or your re-insert hardware slots ).

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    Re: sound and internet

    Hi, thanks for the advice! Got it going again. Don't know what I, did but everythings running again.

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