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Thread: Networking to Win98SE PC

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    Networking to Win98SE PC

    After months without Linux due to PC faults, I have just installed Suse 10.2 again and am trying to get the network to my old Win98SE PC to work.

    From Linux, going to SMB I get the message "Could not connect to the host for SMB://b8h3s6/", which recognises the network name and shows the correct ident for the Win PC. The Win PC is still set up as earlier for networking permission.

    From the Win 98 PC when trying to access the Linux system I keep getting asked for a password. I have no idea what password it wants, and have tried every remotely likely password i can think of without any success. i obviously need to reset whatever password is involved, but it's not even clear which machine asks for the password.

    Being fairly new to linux, and now rusty with what I did know, I really need some beginner's help please.

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    For the SMB connection from the Win system to the Linux system, you are getting a user/pass probably due to the default /homes share in Samba, and because Guest is enabled. Check your smb.conf and make sure you have your shares setup, and set your users with smbpasswd (don't forget to enable them with -e after creation).

    As for the Win system. Do you have a share on that system? If so, why not go to it directly, instead of trying to browse the system? You might also want to try the IP address of the system for troubleshooting purposes (NetBIOS really shouldn't be trusted ).
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    Thank you. Where / how do I find SMB.conf ?

    My Win is set up to share, and can actually see and identify correctly the Linux Pc, but I get the password request when I try to open a Linux folder.
    How actually do I try to "go to it directly"?

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    \\ServerName\ShareName is a direct connection
    smb://ServerName/ShareName and in Linux

    I really have no idea how SuSE has the Samba config setup, but I'm going to guess you can alter it with YaST. Chances are that the files resides in /etc unless SuSE decided they wanted it somewhere else.
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