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Thread: Need a step-by-step walkthrough

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    Exclamation Need a step-by-step walkthrough

    .hello everybody.

    i recently moved into a new home with my wife and we decided to have both of our pc's grouped in the same room. I have bellsouth fastaccess DSL and I wanted to share my connection with her so that she wouldn't need to use dial-up (not to mention paying the extra $ to do so).

    well, I recently purchased a linksys (model #BEFSR41) router and I hope that this will accomplish what i'd like it to do, however, I've never done this before and i needed a step-by-step walk-through from anyone who would be so kind.

    let me mention that I plan on hooking my xbox/playstation to this router so that I wouldn't have to switch CAT5 cables everytime i wanted to play, but obviously i won't be using the internet at the same time i'm playing (due to performance issues).

    my computer runs on windows xp media center edition
    her computer runs on windows 2000

    could this be accomplished?

    thanks in advance.

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    This is easier than you think. I'm glad to hear you didn't get the router that the bell network gives in their packages (2wires are complete crap....really). Follow the instructions from the router on logging into the router, and familiarize yourself with the interface. Basically, plug your system's network cable into one of the 4 LAN router ports (numbered 1-4), make sure the adjacent light for the port lights up green, and then open a browser. Next, plug the cable from your DSL modem to the router's WAN port (It's set aside from the block of four). Go to the web address, and login with user: admin pass: admin (I think that's the user/pass. Double check in the router instructions).

    What you are going to be doing is setting the router to use a PPPoE connection, and you'll simply put your username and password for the account in the authentication section (the account is your primary email address and password for that email). After you have setup the PPPoE connection on the router, click "connect", and check the router status. If you connect, you will see an IP address for the WAN IP (I think you will see rather an IP starting with 70, or 208. I think that's bellsouth's first quad for their subnets). If it does not connect, check to make sure everything is connected correctly, and everything on the PPPoE connection is correct.

    If all is good, then just start plugging your systems in. Unless you set your IP addresses on the systems statically, you shouldn't have to do anything else. Otherwise, you'll need to set your interfaces to acquire an IP address, and DNS servers (Control Panel -> Network Interfaces -> Local Area Connection -> TCP/IP Properties). Good luck!
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