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    I have got a job in a company that provides web-hosting support and server support(remotely)........It would be good if any of u know what type of work to expect there ,the nature of work and which section of RHCE one must be good at to face challenges in the web hosting and server support industry....please share ur experiences and knowledge with me.

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    I am not RHCE,so i will not be able to tell you which section is really helpful for web hosting.
    I think you need to be comfortable in vsftpd,httpd,scripting.
    If your job requires monitoring client's computers too,then some general admin skills too.Scripting is very important as some time you will be required implement some policies in all the comps and websites.Virtual hosting in httpd,authentication,ssh implementation,password less login etc.Thet might have implemented some monitoring tools (like nagios,or cacti),so you need to be comfortable in tweaking them too.
    Last but not the least,lot of googling.Most of the time,,you will be getting brand new set of problems which someone might have tackled it get ready to burn your midnight oil.

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    Thanx for ur reply

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