Hi all,

We have dhcpd server running on RHEL AS 4. If on a client, user sets a static IP and then sets it to be a dynamic, his machine gets the same IP from the DHCP server rather than what it was given before by the DHCP server.


Step 1 :

Machine set to Dynamic, IP Obtained:

Step 2 :

Machine assigned a static IP :

Step 3:

Machine set back to Dynamic, Obtained IP :

In this scenario, in the third step a machine should have got the old one IP i.e. but it didnt get that one. Why is it so? This allows user to have whatever IP he wants. (It is very serious issue when Internet access is given on the IP addresses )

What setting can I do on this, as users having administrative rights can easily change their dynamic IP.

(I am not looking for the solution through Group Policy in Windows Domain Environment.)

Please suggest.......