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Thread: How to configure SpamAssasin

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    How to configure SpamAssasin


    May I know what are the step to run spam assasin in Redhat Linux


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    You've probably sorted this out for yourself by now (or left in despair), but here's the information.

    1. You don't have to turn spam assassin on: it runs automatically.
    2. Marking an email as junk will enable the program to learn: if it has any suspicious feature, then spam assassin will pay more attention to that feature in future.
    3. Look at ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs
    This is where you can add your own configuration, by making any particular test more sensitive, lowering the threshhold for marking a suspect email as junk, or even adding your own tests. I have added

    body ADOBE /adobe/i
    score ADOBE 3
    body RETAIL /retail/i
    score RETAIL 3

    to catch people offering me pirate copies of Photoshop!

    See the instructions at

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