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Thread: BackDoor-CVT Trojan

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    BackDoor-CVT Trojan

    Hi folks.

    I have a Trojan on my machine - BackDoor-CVT

    This is what McAfee says about it;

    When this dropper file is run, it creates the following file:

    %SysDir%\winicd32.dll (18,944 bytes)This file is injected into Internet Explorer's memory space, to avoid triggering firewall software.

    The following registry keys are created:


    The dropped file will also try to connect to a remote website, like, where it can get an additional configuration file, named text.dat.

    I have the latest update but the scan results say that the infected file
    (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINBFI32.DLL) can not be removed.

    If I delete these registry entries will the Trojan be removed or should I remove the WINBFI32.DLL file manually - or would I be screwing up my machine?

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    Um..This is a Windows security problem.

    It's probably been there for quite some time now, and McAfee just now found it. Run HijackThis, and remove the offending startup/winlogon entry (if you have issues with this, or questions. Post the output from the scan), and try running AVG, and AVG Anti-Rootkit in safe mode to get the rest removed.
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