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Thread: Net sharing using 2 lan cards

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    Smile Net sharing using 2 lan cards

    Dear Experts,

    I've a P4 2.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hdd, with 2 10/100 Mbps network cards. I've BSNL Broadband connection & WinSP-SP2 loaded. I can access using BB conection by configure the BB modem in USB port.
    But I've heard that I works more fine (more speedy) if I connect the BB modem on lan card. I want to configure and access the internet using the 1st network card and share the same connection and the network resources of that system with systems using the 2nd network card.

    Pls guide me step-by-step to implement all these. rolleyes:

    Thanks in advance.:

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    1) INSERT 2 nics unless 1 is built on motherboard,just add one.(if u need nics)


    3) bridge your 2 nics. OR use 'create new connection' and choose to 'share internet connections',follow steps.

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    OR go to properties for NIC under network connections ,click on 'advance' tab. check box for 'Allow other network users to connect through THIS computer's internet connection.'

    follow steps.

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    I want to share my network resources as well (i.e. printers, files etc.). I've connected BSNL Broadband modem to the 1st lan card and other system with the 2nd one. Set the IP to 1st lancard ( and to the second and the clients in the same class (i.e. and so on...)....

    Explain in the ICS way dear..I'll be so nice of u...

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