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Thread: Basic Server Setup Questions

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    Basic Server Setup Questions

    I have SY6BA+IV, HTP 366,PC100, PIII600e, 640mb, ATI agp X2 video, 56kmodem, gigabyte ethernet card, 2WireGate way with wireless + cable connectivity, 2 HDDs- 160gb ATA, Dual Boot win98se/Slackware12, I want to use this unit as my file/web/print server server for Win98se, WinXp, Mac Laptop w/wireless connectivity.

    1) I want to connect to the internet thru my server with win98se, Laptop very specific sites project related/No Email, No internet services for WinXP which has a ethernet card too.

    2) Need to backup WinXP once I have it exactly as I need it to be.

    3) Need to store media files and web pages on server that can be accessed from win98, XP, and Mac Laptop.

    4) Need to share printer, scanner, and fax....

    I have found alot of howto and pets on configuring samba, and will probably find as much to initially install apache but
    do I need to format server hdd w/any specific File Types? Vfat for where I will store my files?

    2nd Since my server box has win98se and Slackware12 on separate Hdds do they each get their own Host Name and Domain?

    3rd I am confused about the format and difference between Host Name and Domain Name??? My understanding is that Host Name = Computer Name (in win) and it can be anything. But the Domain name and Number designation 127.00.00 and what they are referring to confuse me although I understand they are all IDs and Addresses. This is what I think Domain Name is represented by numbers.

    My workgroup is f-stoplive and I own this domain, can I use it to setup my server? If I can how do I set it up? How do I get the 2Wire Gateway's number address and do I use those numbers to connect my computers to each other?

    Lots of questions... but its taking so long to get the information I need to start setting everything up. Thanks
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    DualBoot Slackware12/Win98se SY6BA+IV, HPT366, PC100, PIII600e, ATI AGP2X, 56K modem, Gigabyte Ethernet PCI, 2Wire Gateway

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