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Thread: Boot DOS to XP via LILO

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    Boot DOS to XP via LILO

    I would like to run LILO to invoke either Linux or DOS. This is a no brainer.
    The boot block (think that's what it's called) would be in the 2nd disk partition with "/". That I recall should be legitimate.
    Then I would like to have in DOS a TSR or perhaps a subroutine call (from which I would not return) to invoke XP. (noone should be exposed to that software(?) )
    Can someone suggest how I would go about transferring control to XP on the first partition? This would if my failing memory serves include the MBR.
    My reason for doing this is that I do not wish to have to boot Linux from XP's booter in case it becomes necessary to reinstall XP, which I hear is a pain where one sits, and in case I need to fiddle in that partition for other reasons.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Fixed this by creating XP boot floppy and will create a flash drive of same to boot off of and will try to use that in Lilo.

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