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Thread: winxp not start

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    winxp not start

    hi friends,
    i am new member of this site so pls help me

    as i have winXP SP2 and boot.ini is missing so what stape i have to done pls solve my problem

    harshad solanki

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    it is there in c:\ root


    boot.ini file is in invisible mode, if you want to see it on windows explorer go to tools and click on view and take out the check mark "Hide protected operating system files". then see in C drive.

    or you can search by using show hidden files option at advance options .

    All the best


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    If boot.ini is missing you can't start windows, so explorer thing won't work. The most likely reason is that you have wrong disk configured in BIOS as a boot drive. It happens sometimes when you plug/unplug USB storage devices like flash card readers. Because boot.ini doesn't just disappear by itself. If it's really gone, then it most likely because you attempted to install another OS with another boot manager. In this case old boot.ini was probably saved as BOOT.BAK or something like that. In this case you need to boot from Windows CD and select recovery console. Then rename saved file to BOOT.INI. It may be hidden, so you may have to use the command ATTRIB to remove hidden/system attributes. If worse comes to worse, then you have to recreate this file by hand. It's a plain text file telling boot loader what partition to use to boot windows.

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