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Thread: video conferencing app like iChat

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    video conferencing app like iChat

    hello people!

    i've Googled for an app that has video conferencing capabilities with more than 2 people connected. i can't seem to find any. most have 1 to 1 conferencing only. iChat, i was told, is one such app. but it's only for Mac. or is there an iChat for windows like the iTunes?

    anyway, maybe you guys know of any app that is like the iChat when it comes to video conferencing .. . ?

    thanki you.

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    And what's wrong with NetMeeting? It's old one, but it works. It's still installed by default on Win XP and available for Vista. But no shortcuts and you may need some tweaks to make it work with some cameras. It's also available for d/load from M$ site together with Resource Kit.

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