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    Why does the Linux desktop look so dull and poor as compared to MS Windows desktop which appears appealing and rich??!?! It is a general question. Common people most of those who are influenced by MS OSes's monopoly are not immediately impressed by Linux graphics and desktop and feel strangeness. How could that be explained and fixed. I run the latest Nvidia drivers for FX 5200 with 256KB but couldn't achieve the MS Windows looks or something there is which is felt missing, not by myself but the others who I would like to impress.
    Is it the fonts or the window borders or is it the colors or some effects. Could it be the screen resolution or what else could it be?!?!

    Any ideas to make Linux more attractive to some!?


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    Without some details I am left to say I have no clue as to what the hell you are talking about.

    If this is anything recent of a distribution, the fonts and graphics look better than XP by default, and can be spruced up to smash Vista's and OS X's effects with Compiz Fusion.

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