Picked one up last week when the new models were rolled out

Pretty nice system. I have been using a 2.0 Ghz Core 1 Duo MacBook for over a year now. And being a VM guy, playing with VMWare and Parallels. Man, VMWare rocks on this Core2Duo chip! My FC7 Athlon single core is a slow snail in comparison!

I hee-hawed on getting this or the Ubuntu Dell tower. I went for this for 2 reasons:

1) I could get it that day (yes I am impatient, but 3-5 weeks is too long for me)

2) The smaller formfactor. Now I can use a video capture card and a vga-rca converter to work on a spare machine and not need a second monitor, or spare space for another tower. Plus even without that, the lessened desktop space is nice.

3) ApplePorts Kernel Killer has been shooting me some awesome ideas on what software to use since I got my MacBook (thanks dude). He told me about DarwinPorts, which seemingly is now ApplePorts (thanks TWAT ep:266 http://www.twatech.org/show.php?ep=266)

4) Better multimedia creation tools. Sorry but as bad as I thought Windows was with media creation, Linux is worse off. Wish I could code so I could help and had the time to do so. But .....

Either way, cool units. Keyboards are sweet. And dunno why people hate the Mighty mouse so much. Not the greatest mouse, but not bad nonetheless.