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Thread: File names get cut with ~1

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    Question File names get cut with ~1

    I installed a Debian distro (GRML) and when I mount an external hard disk all the files I have there appear with the names shortenned to 4 or 5 characters.

    For example, name mylongfiledescriptivename.jpg will be seen as a mylong~1.jpg, most file names are appended with ~1 at the end, this is obviously very annoying.

    How could I change this?

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    The file names look like MS Dos style file names, if they are longer than 8 characters Dos will shorten them with a ~1 Have you mounted the disk as msdos? Maybe if you mount it as vfat, (assuming that the disk is formatted with the microsoft file systems fat16 or fat32), it might show differently.

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