As the title says, I am a newbie, both to linux and programming. I'd like to learn to program. I don't really care too much what language it is (assuming it isn't completely obscure), but I would like to learn how to program. I figured I'd start with a good learning language (?) and hope that those skills will help me learn others if I want.

But what I am looking for is software (possibly integrated into an IDE- maybe?) that will guide me in the learning process. I have a book or two, but I would prefer some sort of teaching software. I'll have access to both a windows machine and a linux (ubuntu 7.04).

Anyone know of anything like that? Any recommendations? Maybe as a module for one of the main IDE's or something. I have no idea. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Some possibly relevant factors:
  • I've never programmed anything in my life
  • But I do have a pretty decent background in boolean logic, even if rusty, if that helps
  • This first language doesn't matter too much too me, assuming the skills are somewhat transferable
  • I have no real purpose in learning to program, other than to learn