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Thread: Starting RPM Files (Questions from an Eager Newb)

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    Starting RPM Files (Questions from an Eager Newb)

    I know the command to start the RPM files is "rpm -ihv name.rpm"

    Here is what I am doing and what happens when I do it. I go to a site and download the RPM I want, to the desktop. I bring up a terminal and do a ls -l, I can see desktop there in blue letters(I think that must mean something, like maybe it is a link) BTW the term starts in the [root@localhost -]# . and then i try to cd desktop and it says "bash: cd: desktop: No such file or directory"

    I know this is something very newbish I am doing and I tried to find a refference to it here on the forums, but I couldn't

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    have you tried cd Desktop with a capital D? What is the output of ls -l?
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    Hmm ok I am a little embarrassed, and I thank you so much

    Crap are there any other things such as this I should know about to fight off maximum frustration?

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    Linux, BSD and real UNIXes are case sensitive. That sort of thing will happen again if you arent careful of your cases.

    If you are truly new to UNIX in general, I would HIGHLY reccomend (well, moreso INISIST) that you wander over to Barnes & Nobles (or or Barnes' website) and order a good starter guide on Fedora or whatever your distro of choice is. For most things, you shouldnt need it, but when you do it will be immensely helpful. Most books are $40-60.

    On the most recent Fedora, Fedora 7, there are only a few repos that I would add, and that will give you a tonne of software at your fingertips with yum. Plus F7 has a new yum GUI (Applications -> Add/Remove Software). This may help out too getting software in and out of your system.

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