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Thread: video problem

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    video problem

    This morning, I turned on my pc and I got a message
    on the monitor:

    Self test
    Your monitor is working
    Check the video card and pc

    Blank screen- but the pc seems to be booting up all right.
    It's not the monitor- I had an old pc and it's working all
    right on this one.

    AMD Duron 800MHZ
    128MB memory
    10GB hard drive
    integrated Trident CyberBlade i1 video card.

    Would appreciate any help!!

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    Re: video problem

    Quite possibly your video card went south. Can you pull the video card out of your old PC and plug it in the new one? If you get a picture using the old video card, then it's definetly the integrated video. In that case you need a new video card. Does your motherboard have an AGP slot? If not, you have to settle for a PCI card.

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    Re: video problem

    I don't have an AGP slot- but I have two free PCI
    slots. I don't feel comfortable opening my case, so I'll
    see if I can find someone to do it.


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    Re: video problem

    Before you open the case .......

    I had a kitty cat that liked to sit behind the computer to keep warm.
    When the cat would lay on the cable going to the monitor,
    I would get the same message from my HP monitor.

    Chasing the cat away, (bad kitty), and wiggling the
    monitor cable and connector at the back of the
    computer always fixed my problem.

    Your problem could be something just as silly as mine!


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    Re: video problem

    It turns out it's the motherboard!!!! Fortunately, it's under
    warranty- hopefully I'll have the motherboard replaced this

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