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Thread: Bad Memory

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    Bad Memory

    I just installed a new 40gb HD & a stick of 256mb of DDR ram (Generic) and starting to get some BSOD errors, using Win98se & WinXP Pro. *I haven't installed Libranet yet, but wanted to know if it's my memory or what causing these problems.

    Is there a way to test your memory?


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    Re: Bad Memory

    Try this program - it fits on a boot floppy and, then you know if its win or the memory that is making the problems .. else you could install libranet and try compiling something that is using much memory, but you should really try the test ..

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    Re: Bad Memory

    Memtest, is the only way to REALLY test those memory blocks.. run it for a 9 hours or so and if nothing ill happens, then you're in the zone !

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    Re: Bad Memory

    Actually what I usually use, is a dos boot disc, and run quake1 in software mode. It beats the shit out of the CPU and RAM, when the resolution is set wayy to high for the CPU to handle. Plus when set to demo mode, you can loop it all day. If it doesnt lock after 24Hrs, you are pretty much certain that winblows is the culprit. IIRC, you do need a RAM switch when doing it this way, otherwise Quake will only use 16MB ram. I could be wrong, since I recall the GlQuake to require it for sure.

    Any how, thats what I have used to successfully troubleshoot.

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