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Thread: web page does not work

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    web page does not work

    My web page does not show up on internet:
    I did instal Fedora core1 Server option.
    I know how to use ( tho still learing commands ) Shell Konsole comand line.
    I know how to start stop restart httpd Apache server.
    I know where to put my index.html and rest of files.
    I have cable internet conection.
    I have established Network in my house:
    - Netgear router with one IN port what is connected to my cable modem.
    - four OUT ports for four of my computers. On one of them is Apache server with fedora linux OS. Rest of them runs various windows platforms.
    - Only for testing purposes I put fedora on my oldest and slowest comp
    233MHz with ~90Mb of RAM memory. With intention to put fedora and server on my faster puter after I get everything works good .
    Fedora works well, a bit slower but still works nicely on that old one.
    I have few computers with various operating systems and hardware.
    I know I can't test from the inside of my network if my page works.
    I know I have to be able ( from the outside of my house/network ) to test
    web page sitin on my server using IP address - the one my ISP assigned to me. I was checking my IP to figureout if it is static or dynamic and it did not change for the last 7 days so I guess I got lucky and got static one.
    I still do not have domain name, did not buy one waiting to see if my page works well using just IP to check it out.
    I don't know how to check out if my ISP blocking port 80.
    I asked several friends of mine to check my page using IP and did not work.
    I do not know what is a problem or what additional steps to use, I am still
    kinda new in Linux... tho amaized with capabilities.
    I was reading all over the internet how to set up all this including but there are endles strings of informations that simply just make me to feel like I don't know what to read just to perform basic, esential steps to make this page works.
    Any help - directions what to do will do good, please help.

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    Ok I got it. After several days of readings diferent sources and setuping my page works. Tho I got to do some tweaking at my Netgear Router setup page, and manualy change and add some lines in'httpd.conf' file.
    There is only one thing that bugs me.
    I am able to open page inputing outside my real IP address I got from my ISP, only from one computer and that is Laptop with xp + sp2 on it.
    If I input Local IP ( ) my router assigned to my system with Linux + Apache server on it I am geting nothing with message 'server could not be found'.
    From the other side I am able to open the page from all other three computers using Local IP but no sukcess if I use main Outside IP!
    Very strange and I have no Idea why is that hapening!
    Anyhow the page is up and runing nicely. Next milestone is to install and start to use Mysql.

    ps. ah yes Thanks for "all" that took part in trying to help me answering on my question here on forum.
    ps#2. Any newbee with similar problem and same seting like me feel free to ask me directly and I will try to do my best to help.

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