Here's another poll, and the background on it...Also just to add to what's below, I know there have been a bunch of polls/threads on Vista in the past (when Vista RCs were coming up)...Now that most , if not all of us have had some experience with Vista, we can have a relatively mature viewpoint coming from the community:

Of late, I have read up quite a few articles on the negative sentiments generated by Vista in the general computing public....

At the same time, there are several (though lesser in #) write-ups floating around singing praises of Vista...

personally, I don't love Vista though hate would be too strong a word...

To give an overview of my own take, I did a trial upgrade to Vista on my desktop and one of my lappies (XPS)
I am not loving it, and want to downgrade (?) to XP when I get the time, but it isn't so bad either that I would stay up all night tonight to get back to XP ,,,though like I said before, I would be reverting back to my legit XP installs sooner rather than later

Here's what I had posted back in one of the several Vista threads on TE some time back and I think this best surmises my own take:

Coming to think of it, the moment I upgraded from ME to XP, there was no turning back, even on hardware that barely ran XP (a P-III 550 with 192 MB of RAM)
I turned off the graphical effects of XP just to keep that running, it was that good an upgrade....

With Vista, its a love-hate story (actually more hate)

Disclaimer: All my machines running Vista are a lot better than MSFTs recommended configuration for Vista

- The spotlight clone feature (real time search): Though nowhere as good as Spotlight, the Vista Search is infinitely better than XP search
However, I hear that Google desktop on XP is also fairly neat

- The somewhat improved battery life on my laptop which went up frm arnd 3 hrs on XP to 3:30 on Vista with aggressive power saving settings


- The much annoying constant disk thrashing
- Lack of drivers for some hardware(should improve with time)
- some programs/applets are painfully slow (like Network and sharing center)

The most annoying thing abt Vista though is this...
There are times when Vista will be inexplicably cranky and behave weirdly
Things which would have worked fine the last time will sometimes refuse to work-randomly

and this can get very annoying when it happens

It's hard to explain but I'll just give you a few examples

- Stuck copy paste operations 1 in 10 times (esp while copying over network)

LOL...this will typically happen when I am in a hurry and just need to grab a few ..files on my lappy from the bitch rig and run out

- Cranky hibernation which takes Vista almost as long to resume from hibernate than a restart (not always, but sometimes)

-DHCP troubles on every nth resume (n=5-10)

And so and and so forth....

XP felt much more user friendly and almost as stable as a mainstream Linux distri like Mandrake

Vista feels maybe a little more user friendly (?) but the crankiness is a big killjoy

As for me, I have voted for option 2...would love to hear the take of the community here

What do you intend to do about Vista?
I am happy with XP. Have heard a lot of negative stuff about Vista and have no plans to switch!
I am on Vista and loving it!
I tried Vista. Didn't like it and am planning to/have moved back to XP
What is Vista?
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