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Thread: How to test bandwidth given to a squid server

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    How to test bandwidth given to a squid server

    Hi all,

    We have a Proxy server running squid 2.6stable11. It is given a 8Mbps line. How to check if we are indeed getting 8Mbps speed through squid server. Is there any tool which can be useful to test bandwidth ?

    Why I am having this question because, whenever we download anything we get at most 1.8 Mbps to 2 Mbps download speed. It doesnt go beyond that. And our service provider is assuring us that they have really given us 8 Mbps bandwidth.

    Kindly suggest.

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    8Mbps is a good amount of bandwidth.. and a WAN router must be involded somewhre. You can use snmp on the squid server and get details about bandwith availability from the router ( cisco or anything).

    You will never be able to download at the same speed as the amount of bandwitdh you have. There are many factors available.

    1) Bandwith used in broadcast
    2) Disk seek/write speed


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    There are a number of "speed test" sites on the web that use javascript and your web browser to determine your upload and download bandwidth. Try or for the USA and for other regions.

    You could also try uploading/downloading a file to/from another Internet based server in your geographical region using the command line. The curl, wget and SCP utilities can give you data transfer stats.

    You could also try to run MRTG on your router / server to give you long term graphs.

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