Long question short:

I want to be able to use my home computer AND its unfiltered internet connection (mainly its FTP functions) via VNC from work.

-Here is the catch, all the computers within my office have a 10.0.11.x ip address. I can run the cisco VPN program on my home computer and it also gets a 10.x.x.x ip, then volia its on the network. That works fine, great, no problems there. ACCEPT, as soon as my home computer is on the network it starts filtering my internet content.

-My home computer uses a cable ISP with an ip address of 68.x.x.x.
So is there a way the 68.x.x.x IP can be used to surf the web and the 10.0.x.x IP can be used to connect me to my work VPN simotanisouly?

Any input would be apprecieated. Thank you.