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Thread: Sound card question?

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    Sound card question?

    I am installing an audigy 2 soundcard into a system. It has onboard sound already. Do

    I have to disable the onboard sound or will it be ok. I have a front audio port which I

    want to use. Will it work if the onboard is disabled?

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    Front Audio input

    Yes it is a good idea to disable the existing driver for the internal sound device


    on the left of the control panel window if you see an option to "Switch To Clasic View" click that.

    CLICK the SYSTEM ICON> CLICK the Hardware Tab > Click the Device Manager > in the list of devices double click the icon resembeling a speaker titled "Sound Video and Game Controlers"

    Your old device should be listed here. single click it to highlight it. then look for an option to disable the device accross the top of the Device Manager window.

    Will your front audio jacks work?

    Most likely not. Those jacks are wired from you onboard card to the front of your computer.. You can confirm this by opening up your CPU casing and following the path of the wire coming from the general area of the jacks on the front of your computer.

    If you do like the convience of a front jack; Head to your nearest electronics store and pick up a 2-3' male to female audio cord. Plug the male end into your new Audigy and the female end into your speakers/headphones.
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