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Thread: HUGE Problem! Please help!

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    HUGE Problem! Please help!

    A few days ago, my PC gave me a shutting down prompt and it turns itself off.

    Now, as long as the PC is plugged into the wall, my PC will boot up by itself, starts up for 3 seconds and then shuts itself off. I was unable to start the PC back up manually.

    Then after 15 seconds, and it starts booting up by itself for a few seconds and shuts off again. This keeps happening as long as it's plugged in. I unplugged it for a few hours, but as soon as I plugged it back in, it started booting up by itself again and shutting back down continuously.

    I replaced the power supply today, but nothing has changed. It is still giving me the same symptoms.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Looks like a repeated crash of kernel on your system; do you see a blue screen?
    If so, try this:
    while F8 and boot your system in safemode and change the following setting.
    Mycomputer - properties => Advanced tab => statup & recover - settings button => disable "automatically restart".
    now your system will stop at blue screen giving the error message of the failure.
    Now you can post the failure message here OR you can google that to know the resolution.


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    Just switch to Linux and you wont have such a strange problems . I have a dual boot and my Windows gives me hard time constantly...

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