This is just a small example of how you can use the TAR application with linux to generate a powerfull backup script triggered by a cron.

You will need to create an archive , either using vi or touch.

For example in this case lets say our script is called backup

vi backup

This will create the archive and open the vi editor, to add content to the archive press the I key to insert and then check out at my example here:

#Beggining of script
# Lets say you want to remove an old backup on autobackups folder
rm /autobackups/mybackup*.*
# Now lets say you want to make the script sleep for 3 seconds
sleep 3

#Now you want to backup /home entirely into /autobackups using tar

tar -cvf /autobackups/home$(date +%y%m%d).tar /home


Please notice that you are creating a tar archive with the whole content of /home and adding the date of the backup to the name of the archive. To execute this script, you need to save it , on VI press ESCAPE , then activate the CAPS LOCK and press the Z key 2 times. (zz)

You will need to give the archive execute permissions, use the following command: chmod a+x backup , basically to run the script just type ./backup considering you are on the same path of the archive. Easy does it