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Thread: reciever card?

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    reciever card?

    my internet conncection is about 50k/sec,

    here the most internet conncetion speed is 50k,

    someone told me i can get a "receiver card", and a "dish" (and lmd?) ,

    that i send with my modem at 50k , but i recieve (download) at 500k per second,

    anyone know how this thing should work ?

    or how can i match the 50k modem with the receiver card so that send/revieve thing work together?

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    Receiver card name is actually DVB card means Digital Video Broadcasting card.
    Yes you can use a receiver card better say DVB card , and a dish and LNB to watch digital TV and have a broadband internet connection via satellite some providers like EON , OpenSky and many more offer high speed internet like you said 500 KB/s via sat and you can buy the subscription in their websites . and something more where is your country ? is sat there illegal or not ? in our country having a DVB and Dish is illegal !

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