G'day my name is peter - a new boy and a real dill when it comes to computers. all my grand children usually help out but not with this one - can you help please.

have optus adsl+2 and a radio modem. have a dlink card on my laptop and it works fine.
when i say "fine" - i have Ubuntu and windows xp installed on my laptop - the drive is partitioned with the greater part devoted to Ubuntu because i would like not to need windows.

at present via the dlink card i can axcess the internet via windows and we do not know how to set up Ubuntu so that i can connect to the internet via my radio card.

have found the place to enter the required information but do not know what to enter.

for a dill like me xp connects almost automatically - is there some site i should go to or is there a book that i can buy that will instruct me.

thanks for any assistance

regards peter