New to this forum and I wanted to ask questions regarding cross-compile issues I have.

I am attempting to cross-compile Quagga (open source routing protocol suite) from my build machine (x86) to a host (ppc 8560). Embedded Planet has provided me with a board and a toolchain for ppc_8560 software development.

Just learned about autoconf and I have it understanding that I am cross-compiling. When I attempt to cross-compile there are a lot of initial compilation errors that exist when the compiler reaches kernel header files. Specifically when x.h calls /linux/include/x.h which #includes <asm/x.h>.

Obviously I want my toolchain to call the correct asm specific header which would be asm-ppc/x.h. There is a symbolic link from /usr/include/asm --> ../src/linux/include/asm, which is weird because in the ../src/linux/include/ directory there is no such directory as asm, but there does exist asm-* (e.g. asm-i386, asm-ppc, asm-powerpc).

Assuming I can get the compiler to use the correct asm files I think my problems go away but they can't find them (or any for that matter) which is why the compiler craps out. I don't think specifying a compiler -I flag will help because the #includes are <asm/x.h> I would need to point asm --> asm-ppc with a sym link. But others I have talked to say this should be done automatically by my toolchain. Am I missing something? Has anyone else ever had this *really* specific issue?

Any help would be appreciated ... AND IS DEFINITELY NEEDED.