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Thread: Can't boot from main drive

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    Can't boot from main drive

    This problem started when I was using my old psu which was dying, I reached the desktop and my pc apparently detected new hardware (in reality it was my current dvd drive etc) and then shut itself down.

    I've checked the boot.ini file and can't see anything amiss, but whenever I try to boot from it, it just attempts to boot from cd..

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    Hardware then Software

    Hi mr James,

    If you replaced the PSU then you had to disconnect and reconnect the drive. Is that right?

    Regardless, I would always start by verifying that the data connections to the drive and to the motherboard, are seated properly. I would also unplug and replug the power cables (possibly consider using a different molex or SATA connector).

    Once you are satisfied they are connected properly, place your windows disk in the CDROM and re-boot, stopping at the BIOS on the way in. Verify that the BIOS is set to boot from the proper device.

    If it is set properly, boot while hold down the F8 key to get the boot selection screen and see what happens. If it fails to get the boot selection screen from the hard drive it will boot from the CD, as you indicated.

    The CD will allow you to enter console mode; then see of you can access the drive from the command line.

    Come back and let us know what happened.

    Good luck

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