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Thread: Very Slow XP

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    Very Slow XP

    I am using Win XP SP 2 and find it is very slow at start up, working with programs and while shutting down. I was using 98 SE before and didn't have any such problems. Is it due to the RAM? I have 256 MB of RAM, and my PC is P4 1.7 GHZ.

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    With RAM being so cheap these days I would bump up with 512-1Gb. While running programs check your taks manager and see how much of the swap file is being used. If you have a lower HD and XP is using a lot of the swap file you will find yourself slowing down.
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    Commit Charge: Peak

    Open a bunch of programs you use on a regular basis. Be sure to open the graphics and memory hog programs, as well.

    Look at the "Performance" tab in your Task Manager. In the lower left corner look at the section labeled Commit Charge. Look at the "Peak" number. This represents the peak amount of RAM used during your session (since you turned the PC "on").

    Multiply that number by 1.25 or 1.5 and that will give you enough RAM to have excellent performance under your most taxing conditions.

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    I would say it's the RAM. I think Microsoft recomends 128MB RAM for XP, but all you would be able to do is run the OS with that. You need at least 512MB RAM to have a decent running PC. The other suggestions of editing your start up programs is a good idea too. Bwtween the two you should be able to fix the problem. And just in case, low disk space will cause a big slow down in the system so check that as well.


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    Yes RAM can be the vital part playing in slowing down your computer. You should have something like 256 minimum and I advise when you upgrade to higher RAM , Get an Updated Antivirus, antiSpyware too. Delete the Temporary files, Defrag Regularly, Don' t Put high resolution image in desktop(wall Paper).. these are key factors when window starts.

    I am using P3 80 gigs Hard Drive, 512 MB RAM.., and yea friends tell me its faster than their P IV 1 gig RAM. So I try to keep my PC clean!



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