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Thread: changing operating systems

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    I have installed 3 os on my system and it does not gives any issue. first i installed xp and then i installed vista, after that i installed fedora 6.

    when the system boots i get Grub and it ask's me to choose fedora or others, if i choose others (windows) the system again ask me to choose vista or windows older version, i guess there have to some file like grub.conf in windows where we can make a work around, try to find boot.ini file make a copy it before you make changes or add an operating system there.

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    Interesting first post @sameface.. Welcome to the forums.

    It sounds like you are fairly knowledgeable on Microsoft licensing? That is one area that confuses me to no end..
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    eww.... Microsoft Licensing!
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    You can change your OS system firstly you should reinstall your current window then reinstall a fresh window 7 into your computer then follow instructions. You can take Technical Support also you can get better step by step information and fixed your all windows issue.

    Technical Support

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    You should make the move, linux rules. Make a backup and do it! In time you'll get along with it.
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