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Thread: How to talk to others on same box

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    How to talk to others on same box


    I was logged into a *nix box and someone else started asking me things from the prompt.

    how do you ask/reply?


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    Re: How to talk to others on same box

    Sounds like they might be using the write daemon? Make sure you have mesg set to y:
    sans@ljr:~$ mesg y
    and then when you get a message, just write them back:
    sans@ljr:~$ write blackb0x tty2
    Your message goes here...
    EOF is usually just ctrl+d.

    If that doesn't work, try the talk daemon:
    sans@ljr:~$ talk blackb0x tty2
    If the other sent you a message first using talk, you'll be able to chat with him/her right away, or it will say "Waiting for your party to respond."

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    Re: How to talk to others on same box

    You can also issue the following from a shell

    wall <message> It will force a pop up terminal on all machines.

    Great for reboots on a server!


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    Re: How to talk to others on same box

    i think talk is used quite a bit too.

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