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Thread: hi everyone!

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    hi everyone!

    I am new to fedora....i was assigned as a network administrator last day in our new problem is i am not familiar in linux configuration..our ICT director want a domain setup and a diskless client...somebody could help me...thanks in advance...

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    Sounds like you have been given an opportunity; they always come in work clothes, don't they?!

    In Linux, just as with all OSs, look at the server first, then look at the network. Build and lock down the server first; then look into the network considerations, only opening the services specified in the requirement.

    For your Domain, you may want to check these out:

    A disk-less workstation is pretty straightforward. Just build it.

    To be safe, establish the security requirements with your boss. Ask him of he wants the USB, serial, parallel and other ports disabled/deactivated, password protected BIOS, locked cabinet, alarm with notification (pager, phone, email /all?), encrypted drive with administrator only privileges, define traffic types and ports, etc.

    Invest in two or three good Linux books; be selective! Ask around; get the advice of professionals whom you respect. I have my favorites but we all relate in different ways. Linux in a Nutshell, O'Reilly; Linux Unleashed, SAMS (I have an old UNIX Unleashed from 1993 and an NT Unleashed circa '95 which were excellent; I cannot vouch for the newer versions); Linux File Systems, Osborne.

    For $12 you might consider Linux Grief Relief, The Linux File Server Project, 3 Parts in one download, Created: May 16, 2007, By Peter Harrison ( I don't know Peter but he did a great job on this book. Also, Paul Sheer's "LINUX: Rute Userís Tutorial and Exposition" (you can download the .pdf and/or buy a copy at Amazon or somewhere else): I don't know Paul either but he did an excellent job, as well (All we need is a first rate book from a gal named Mary and we have a the "Linux Trio" covered).

    Both of these guys has made their body of knowledge freely available to anyone, and each deserves strong support from the community.

    Good luck.


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