I am using Mandrake Linux on my system and connect to internet using a dial-up modem (). Because many web site's are filtered in my country (Sun Microsystem's web site for example) I need a proxy server to access those filtered sites.
On windows I use Ultrasurf. Recently I installed and configured Tor and it works fine. Just there is one problem, because I use dial-up connection, when Tor is it uses most of the bandwidth (it is often less than 5 Kb/sec on the Kppp statistics window) and the pages are loaded with difficulty.
Ultrasurf on windows is working very well and the pages load normally. When I run Ultrasurf, it dynamically connects to a server and all the requests are transfered through that server. But as I mentioned I use Mandrake Linux and Ultrasurf is only working on windows. When I used to use some web sites like http://www.j-tunnel.com/ but those get filtered after a while too.
Does anyone know a program like Ultrasurf for Linux.
Thanks and sorry for the long message.