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Thread: Am I seeing double??

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    Am I seeing double??


    Following problem with Suse 8.0
    If I right-click a file and go to "open with", every program is listed TWICE!!
    If it's a textfile then I have Kedit listed twice and Kate listed twice. If it's a mp3 file then I have xmms listed twice.

    I also noticed this at my previous installation, so I doubt this happened by mistake during installation.

    Am I the only person who has this strange behavior?
    How do I get rid of it without editing every file type?

    Thnx in advance.

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    Re: Am I seeing double??

    I posted my problem also at a local newsgroup and I got a response by someone who said that I'm lucky, because he has Kedit listed 4times under "open with" at a text file ???
    He is also running Suse.

    Maybe there is a problem with Suse....

    I hate when things don't work as I want them to work

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    Re: Am I seeing double??

    I must be honest, I did not have that problem. I must say that I have had on occasion, KDE goof up a few new menu entries, whilest upgrading a game (like Quake3, UT, FreeCIV).

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    Re: Am I seeing double??

    I haven't had that specific problem while running SuSE 8. I have, however, had some other issues that are making me think about going back to Red Hat. I can't seem to get the time to work properly in KDE 3. Everytime I reset it to the proper time and reboot, it goes all crazy on me again. Everyone keeps saying that it's a bug in KDE 3 but I never had a problem with the time config in Red Hat 7.3 running KDE 3. I still haven't found a patch out there.......


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