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Thread: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

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    Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    First, I am running a Athalon 1.6Ghz box with 512Mgz ddr ram. I have a cd writer and a regular cd rom both are listed in Mandrakes hardware list as compatable, (running Mandrake 8.1)

    The problem is: When I try to install Linux on a 20gig partition on my hard drive, windows being on another and one that is blank, I have a 60gig HD, w/3 20gig partitions, Linux seems to have a real hard time seeing the cd drives, it finally will use one to install with but I only get so far (set security level) and it stalls, it does not freeze the screen, mouse still moves, but goes nowhere after that point. I have The same Mandrake 8.1 on another box with a cdrom and a writer and although it works okay, when installing Linux it seems to confuse the 2 drives when it wants to change from one cd to the next. ie. disc 1 to disc 2. I just put it into the one the disk is already in and it works fine.

    Both boxes have a cd writer and a regular cdrom, both are hooked up on the secondary ide channel and both are configured as master/slave.

    Is there a problem that Linux has with using 2 cd devices, could it be Mandrake 8.1, or am I missing something.

    I also have my bios set to non plug and play os as the Mandrake installation guide recomends is there any other settings that need to be tweaked? Or ...

    Is it XP? I really wouldn't mind dedicating this Win box to a Linux box and put XP on the box ( Athalon 700) that I have Linux on now, kind of jump into Linux with both feet, but alas I am still just a newbie and would like to resolve these issues before I leave the Windows I know for The Linux I am learning. I have figured out to get my internet connection working on Linux so that is not a big deal, I just don't want to send Windows down the road untill I get this cdrom thing solved.

    So, you guys have helped me some already, coud you help me again?

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    There is no problem with Linux using more than 1 CD drive. I currently run Slackware with CD Burner and a DVD ROM without any trouble.

    Which is slave and which is master?

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    Try taking off one of the CD-drives and see if Drake installs, you can always reinstall the extra drive.

    I have two drives and have never had a problem installing Linux, at least not from CDROMs.

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    It might be ovrious but check your CD media for scratches .... and clean it before using it. Linux shoud have no problem using two drives but it may have problem with interchanging drives when you are installing it. Use only one drive to install.

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    Just wanted you all to know that I, with some help from the chat room on this site solved the cd problem. one of the cd devices was a writer and was set up as master and for some reason was messing things up. Just unplugged it while installing and Mandrake 8.1 installed.

    Then More problems occured. When Linux was starting the x system, it errored out. Something about an over spawning something about x and it also made reference to i586 and i686. I think my version doesn't support the i686 chip. Am I correct thinking this? Is there a work around or something. If there is a patch I guess it would have to be installed at the command line. So I still am Linuxless on this box but searching for answers.

    trying to convert

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    what video card are you useing? if it is newer,i mean the chip set, than your version of X, you will have problems. I tried to install a GF 3 with X4.0.2 and i got respawning errors after a fresh install.

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    Re: Dual booting, Linux/XP and cd glitch

    Lord have mercy,
    Thor4Linux, you were right about the video card, Had to do a simple command at command prompt and it corrected the problem. Found the problem at Mandrake site. I am not used to actually finding help when I look for it. MS's help site is extensive but hard to navigate and searching for a specific problem in difficult. A lot of the hardware and software sites are okay but many of them suck when it comes to support. So far Linux and the users have been a big help.

    I am not dual booting either, pPut Linux on my main box and am using it to do this post. I think that I will put XP on the older box and let my grandson and nephew us it for games and I'll just use when I have to.

    Thanks all

    ps. Linus is harder and not straight forward, too many of the books That I am reading try to cover to many distros and for a new guy it can get a little confusing. But I like it so far.

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