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Thread: Let them know you are using Linux!

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    gomez alert

    Let them know you are using Linux!

    When you send someone an email how are they to know you're not using
    Windows? I added a signature file to my email along with the text "Linux
    - industrial strength UNIX computing for the desktop". It has already
    generated a lot of interest from people who otherwise wouldn't have
    realised. Very simple - spread the word!

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    Re:Let them know you are using Linux!

    I do a couple of different things with my laptop as far as advocacy go. They're fairly subtle, but seem pretty powerful just the same. I do independent winders support in my local area - mostly your average housewife/computer user.

    The first thing I do is use this pic,, as the background for my gui login screen. That gets some attention right away when a client sees it. Some of them ask what it's all about, and then we get into a discussion about Linux, what it is and what it can do.

    Another thing I do is use a transparent terminal ( That *really* catches eyes, and quite a few ask how they could get something cool like that on their machine, which leads to yet another conversation about linux, how/if it would be right for them, yada yada yada.

    One thing I *never* do with a client - rant about winders' shortcomings. The last thing someone wants to hear is how lame something they might be doing/using is - no one likes to be talked down to. In fact, I rarely even mention "Linux vs. Winders" at all, unless there's something specific that's asked, though there were recently a TON of questions, as everyone one my ISP got the klez worm emailed to them.

    See the following articles, they may be of some help:
    the second one has a part that might look familiar

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    Re:Let them know you are using Linux!

    the second one has a part that might look familiar
    heh, i see......

    i think thats a great idea.
    ive been looking for some good ascii pics of tux for my sig, but haven't really got that far. i guess a good advert is the email address itself - mines alastair (at) (thanks, Aragorn! ) but not many people look at that anyway.
    and its true, linux needs advertising if its to get somewhere in the personal world. its no good having all these 'cute' IBM ads if joe user can't use it (tho what i read about ur mum, spot is quite cool :P)

    its a good idea not ranting, you can look like a bit of a fool if you slip up, and theres nothing wrong (imho) with granny using doze to play games, like thats gonna crash it....

    hmmm, wheres this going...
    uh huh, linux is cool, and people will use it if they are introduced to it, but unless we as a community do something about it, it won't happen


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    Next time ...

    ... I sell a computer (I sell second hand kit) I plan to put Linux on it and advertise it as both Windows & Linux capable (I would have only put the former at one time).

    Additionally I am pushing some of the Open Source concepts at work, getting linux training and discussiing it with friends. Oh yeah, I am writing an occassional continuing series of linux articles (from a Windows user migrationg to linux POV) on my website (OK 'continuing' is a bit of a misnoma, I've written one and have another in composition). and I chat about in non-computing oriented forums on ocassion.



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