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Thread: webmin and SSL

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    webmin and SSL

    Install webmin at home on my new Ubuntu server (Feisty 7.04) and it works fine on my local network.

    What I'd like to do is use my browser at work and SSL to access it from my office.

    miniserv.conf is set to listen to 10000

    Forwarded port 10000 on my dd-wrt router to my Ubuntu server

    I'm using no-ip to get to my server from the outside. I can PuTTY to it using SSH no problem.

    It's just SSL and webmin playing nice together that I cannot figure out.

    Thanks for any help here. I'm having a helluva time configuring this server remotely using PuTTY.


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    Anyone? I am suspecting port blocking by my network guys, but they tend to be tight-lipped about sharing any information.

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