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Thread: a lightweight, user friendly linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by debianfoo View Post
    debian is the answer, but I'm not sure installed without the xserver is the answer for a linux beginner... coming from Windows how we all do, we can't just go on the black terminal of joy, can we? I couldn't ...
    I said;
    Quote Originally Posted by Compunuts View Post
    Debian basic (no X), then install IceWM as your DE.

    If you install either KDE or Gnome, it will be slow to boot. For older systems (lower than P3), I'd do IceWM as the DE (Desktop Environment). IceWM uses Gnome's underlying engine but very windows-like DM (Desktop Manager) approach. It's ESPECIALLY good for transition from Windows.

    Another good lightweight DE is blackbox/flexbox.
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    Do a Debian netinst (basic install) and add only software you its a good way to learn linux from a command line stand point.
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    While Ubuntu is fantastic, it simply will struggle with such a slow system. I have a laptop floating around my house somewhere and it has the same specs, except it has only 64mb ram. I have tried a lot of stuff, but I must say that Damn Small Linux is hard to pass up. I agree, it really gives you a COMPLETE system and is very fast. It isnt exactly minimal either, it has everything you need.

    Debian is also a great idea, but its hard for a lot of people to install it if you dont know what you are doing. Damn small Linux is a great way to get going without the effort.

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