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Thread: Help With TV on Mint (Hauppauge PVR150)

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    Question Help With TV on Mint (Hauppauge PVR150)

    Hello all,
    Well i am new to the forums and also fairly noobish to linux. I am caught in a bind, for the life of me i cannot seem to find a TV program that i can get to work, i have searched endlessly but can only find a walk through for mythTV, which i can not get to work properly. It always says unable to connect to the backbone server. Anyway i removed it and tried many other applications (TVtime & about 3 others who's names i can't remember at the Moment) I went to the Hauppauge site to see what they had for support and they had only drivers for Suse & Red hat (Hauppauge Linux Support Page)
    So what i need to know is,:
    Does mint see and understand what the card is and how to use it?
    Does anyone one have the same card, If so what programs do you use?
    Do you have any links to tut's or other forums that i may have missed while searching?
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


    Edit: System Spec's
    Asus A8N SLI
    A64 x 2 3800+
    Dual Nvidia 6800's
    SB live 24 Bit
    Hauppauge PVR-150
    2GB DDR 400
    Beryl and Emerald Installed as well as proprietary drivers from Nvidia
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