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    G'day All

    Hey People,
    Well I am a long time windows user try to make the switch to Linux. I started messing around with Ubuntu about 18 months ago but had a dry period of about 8 months. I had learned a little during the 10 active months but not much stayed retained during my inactive period. I have tried numerous distro releases but i believe all were based on Ubuntu. I'm currently using Mint 3.0. I am a avid gamer so being able to game while on Linux will be the deciding factor of if a make the switch There are only really 2 windows games that are a must (CS:Source{STEAM} & GTA:sa-mp) I have gotta steam to work and tho it needs a little bit of tweaking it is very much playable. I'm sure you will see me asking many questions in relation to gaming so if you have links to tuts or other forums or threads feel free to post any that you determine valuable.

    Kyle aka [OG's]Jebus

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