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Thread: Operating issues with Freespire

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    Operating issues with Freespire

    Hi all,

    I have run across a problem I need your help with. I am having problems with linux operating on my ACER Aspire 1642 notebook. I have tried two different linux apps (Ubuntu and Freespire)and both have given me the same errors. My notebook loads the programs fine. I can access the Internet through my ethernet connection, however, I am unable to access it through my wireless card. In fact, I cannot turn on the built-in power switch. Also, I have no sound from my speakers using either program. I have been able to run the disks live from my desktop (HP Pavilion) with no issues. I have read on several different forums that there are rare cases where some computers just will not run Linux well due to some internal issues with the mother board. My Acer has 2gb of ram, a pdntium centrino processor at 1.73ghz and a 100gb hd. Any ideas what might be causing this issue?



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    page has your laptop on it, but the English tutorial was pretty lame. There is a Portuguese and a French guides there, but I am not literate in something non English or Non-German.

    The Gentoo Linux installation manual was bare, but added the names of the parts, and I know for a fact that the WiFi card works in linux. You may need to get a separate driver (IPW2200) for it to work. The sound I am not sure on. I have heard that it still is causing some issues.

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    I discovered sidux at quite by accident, they have terrific scripts for installing wifi and graphics cards also doing district upgrades, I have tried both Freespire and Ubuntu I had issues with both distros, I have both ATI and Nvidia graphics cards and basically only the Nvidia has much support with proprietary drivers but both are supported with the blob free drivers
    We all look for something better and I found it, I hope this leads others to the same success.
    Sidux is a Debian Sid distro, if you are not afraid of running scripts in init 3 then its really a great way to keep things updated they use a script called sm for system maintenance.

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    I'm using an HP Pavilion zv6100. I'm running strictly Freespire in that machine. No Windows. I found for this laptop, that Freespire works without any problems with my wireless connection. It has all the built-in codecs needed to run wireless. No need to mess around with ndiswrapper or what-not. All I had to do with the wireless manager was to tell it that I'm running it manually, and then I setup the security key and the SSID, and was go to run.
    Freespire was the only one that I found that was trouble-free to setup and run with a wireless laptop. It is derived from Ubuntu (but Ubuntu doesn't have the wireless codecs built-in; you need to mess around with ndiswrapper to achieve the same thing).

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    Another distro like Sidux is Kanotix, it uses Debian Etch as its sources, it worked right out of the box on my Sony Vaio, the developers of Sidux left the Kanotix in Nov 2006 and started Sidux, I enjoy both on my laptop, I have tried others since my last posting just to see how they worked out and their are a number of "others" that are very nice and work well with my laptop. Linux rocks and I use it daily.

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