Hi all,

I have run across a problem I need your help with. I am having problems with linux operating on my ACER Aspire 1642 notebook. I have tried two different linux apps (Ubuntu and Freespire)and both have given me the same errors. My notebook loads the programs fine. I can access the Internet through my ethernet connection, however, I am unable to access it through my wireless card. In fact, I cannot turn on the built-in power switch. Also, I have no sound from my speakers using either program. I have been able to run the disks live from my desktop (HP Pavilion) with no issues. I have read on several different forums that there are rare cases where some computers just will not run Linux well due to some internal issues with the mother board. My Acer has 2gb of ram, a pdntium centrino processor at 1.73ghz and a 100gb hd. Any ideas what might be causing this issue?