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    Help ME

    Hi all....

    I have a problem with the sendmail program. I am using Fedora 6 and am still a newbie. I recently wrote a small code in PHP to test an email form.The problem i have is that i only can send email to people on my network.

    The server i am using is not the mail server. We have a dedicated mail server.

    An example : Just say my mail sever is, i only can send emails to addresses like, but i cant send emails to,

    I guess this has something to do with configuring sendmail or i could be wrong.
    Watever it is i need some help, any kind of help. So can someone guide me please...
    I really need some guidance as i am a newbie to fedora and sendmail configuration is a daunting tasks for newbies. I wish fedora can come up with a simpler way to configure sendmail.

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    There could be a number of problems:

    1. The DNS server configured in the /etc/resolv.conf file may not be configured as a caching DNS server that relays Internet domain information to its clients. It may be just an authoritative server for the domain.
    2. Your server may not have access to the Internet on the TCP mail port 25, thus preventing the sending of mail to domains external to
    3. Your sendmail configuration /etc/mail/ may require a correct SMART_HOST entry (if you are using a mail relay server for your network)


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