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    Smile Hello from rural UK

    Hello from me - I am a long in the tooth windoze user who is sick and tired of rebuilding my WinXp Pro system as it periodically falls over - the rebuild process is so long and nauseous I don't want to do it again. I own a small business and I have attempted to set up a server for business for home use umpteen times by reading man pages and accessing sites - I even went so far as to purchase a Clark Connect license, only to fall foul of an incredibly arrogant technical support department - shame really as the product as it is works really well when it is set up right. Not that I came here to bitch about them! I enjoy computing but the real difficulties associated with setting things up frustrate me - it never seems to be easy and out of the box. I own Win 2003 server now but have had no joy with that. So I want to bite the bullet and go the whole hog with a Linux based server that I have built and prepared myself for the job - I have recognised I need to be more techy aware to get what I want for my home and business use - so here I am. I will enjoy reading the exploits of other users before posting my first plaintive help me post.

    I enjoy online gaming, theology, computing and reading about the world’s history. Oh and I love my family rather a lot – which makes me soft and squidgy I guess.

    Lastly, I am happy to be here - the site looks great and the content of the posts look happy and helpful.
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