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Thread: Remotely control of layer 3 switch

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    Remotely control of layer 3 switch

    Hi all,

    I have installed layer 3 switch netgear GSM7312 and D-Link DES-3326SR in our core network. These switches used as our QoS/Policy machine to controlled traffic bandwidth in our network. We plan to remotely controlling it CLI since we do not want to disturb them physically each time we want to reconfiure QoS rules inside.

    And now, i am refuse to find any opensource program that could be used beside I have discover some application such as Juniper lookingGlass and some RPC program. Here, i just want any suggestion / idea from u guys if u had done this before.


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    I haven't used netgear before but you can Telnet or SSH into them and do your configs....or use the webbased GUI to access them....It's as simple as typing the ip address of the switch and the port i.e. :you can check the port on the user manual but it's usually 8080 by default.

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    thanks for your reply..i was able to connect my Layer3 switch. And i can configure that switch.
    I am planning to make some auto configure on that switch. At first, just autotelnet. It means, when i run my autoscript, that script can telnet automatically into that switch and insert username and password automatically. I had found that ckermit can provide this process...ckermit provide kermit script autotelnet to make this happen.
    But if u guys any suggestion on this, i am very pleasent if u guys can share with me...We can share something...:-)

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