As I understand the cat command is used to display only the textual contents of a file in a terminal. For example 'cat /var/log/yum.log' command lists all the installed softwares with their version no, date and time. Just like below. This is just a short example...

Feb 03 14:34:11 Updated: mysql.i386 5.0.27-1.fc5
Feb 03 14:34:12 Installed: libsigc++20.i386 2.0.17-1
Feb 03 14:34:13 Installed: glibmm24.i386 2.8.12-1
Feb 03 14:34:14 Installed: gtkmm24.i386 2.8.9-1.fc5

I have text file name hithere.txt somewhere in a directory unknown to me, how do I find out and display the contents of it with cat command? Thanks.....